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Hedge Funds & Private Equity

Our mission is to assist hedge funds as they strive to succeed in today’s complex regulatory environment. The RiverEdge team is ready, equipped and experienced at helping you overcome challenges and seize opportunities throughout the hedge fund life cycle, from creation and fund start-up to realization and exit from the business.

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River Edge Advisors has experience handling accounting matters pertaining to this industry. Regardless of what type of operations our clients have running, we can seamlessly step in and take responsibility for their tax and accounting obligations. It can be confusing and difficult trying to handle these issues alone. Don’t take any financial chances, call us today for the best financial advice.

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Financial Statement and Audit Report Preparation

In the past, auditors assisted investment managers in the financial reporting process, sometimes even preparing the draft financial statements and related footnote disclosures. However, recent SEC actions have reaffirmed that auditors must maintain their independence in both fact and appearance. As a result, regardless of past reliance, fund managers are unable to rely on their auditor in the financial statement drafting process, or for “non-audit” services as defined by the SEC.
Ultimately, it is the responsibility of management to prepare the fund’s financial statements. Investment managers and their administrators, however, may not have the specialized expertise needed to meet reporting and disclosures requirements, or perform the relevant calculations resulting in multiple rounds of revisions which may result in increased costs and delay the issuance of the audit. To address this potential gap in expertise, fund managers are encouraged to engage a qualified and objective third party CPA to guide and advise them through each step of the reporting process.

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Back Office and Reporting Services

Custom made for your business, our outsourced back office services are perfect for the organization that wants to focus on its main objective — to focus on investment strategies and drive revenue! Whether you want to outsource all your accounting needs or just a few tasks, River Edge Advisors can design a program to meet your needs. The best part? It can be done cost effectively and with your budget in mind.

Our professionals have many years of experience supporting all roles in the office, from fund administrators and asset managers to family offices and portfolio managers.

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Business and Consulting Services

Sometimes you just need a little hand-holding. Think of us as your collaborative partners. The team at River Edge Advisors will help you develop smart strategies to deal with the ups and downs of the financial markets, and help you manage opportunities and assess risks.

Our sharp insight has guided private equity firms, investment managers, and other financial professionals in their quest to achieve their business goals.

Get in touch with us today and see how our financial expertise can help save you time, effort, and money.

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